Services We Provide

Our Company specializes in Custom homebuilding and remodeling.  We
are licensed and registered in Spencer, Bullitt, & Jefferson Counties in

Jason  E. Davis Homes, LLC is structured to meet any and all of your
construction needs.  When we say that we are a full service construction
contractor, we really mean it!  If  you are looking to build your dream home,
finish your basement, or add a room to your current home, we are the only
company you need to call.  

One unique element that we provide is our CAD drafting service.  After all
design specifications are determined we personally draft all project
blueprints and specs.  This service assures that you project design is
completely customized to your vision.

Every step of your project is handled by experienced professionals.  From
the early design stages all the way through project completion we provide a
pleasurable construction process.  Our commitment to customer
satisfaction is unparalleled in any industry.  With Jason E. Davis Homes,
LLC you get superior quality service and construction for an affordable price.
 Residential Construction
 Custom Remodeling
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 Relocation Construction
If your job is relocating you to Louisville or it's surrounding areas and you
need a custom home builder to make the transition smooth, give us an
opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Maybe you found our web site while doing some early research and aren't
quite ready to start picking out lighting fixtures, so take advantage of our Q&A
section to get you headed in the right direction.
Here is a list of some of the services we offer: